We have invested heavily in a state of the art vehicle bodyshop facility to provide the best in customer service. Our facilities are tailored to undertake collision repairs to frame and bodywork as well as re-finishing to all makes and models of car and light commercial vehicle.

Located in Rayleigh, Essex we pride ourself on employing the best highly trained staff of vehicle repair specialists who ensure that every vehicle is returned to the customer in the best condition possible.

No matter how big or small the damage may be, we take every repair seriously. 

Car servicing and Health Check

A regular routine maintenance of your vehicle is essential and can be something that is easily overlooked. Our trained staff will provide for you a professional service which will help maintain the resale value of your vehicle, as well as identifying faults before they develop into more serious problems.

Our trained technicians can also carry out a 55-point vehicle health check while you wait, giving you peace of mind should you have any concerns about your vehicle and best of all, we’ll do it free of charge! 

Spray & Paint Shop

Each of our bodyshop facilities are fitted with spray booths, both of which are from Spraybake, one of the leading car refinishing brands, offering excellent paint technology and high levels of support. Our paints are supplied by either Standox, PPG or RM Paint, leading producers of automotive paint technology.


Our portfolio of vehicle diagnostic equipment encompasses a wide range of devices from the world's top diagnostic providers. The extensive catalogue covers motorcycles, cars, vans, trucks of every mainstream vehicle manufacturer. 

Engine management systems

Our state of the art EMS diagnostic capabilities (OBD) and CAN communication systems allow us to optimise the functioning of the EMS assuring maximum engine power, with lowest amount of exhaust emissions and fuel consumption.


Our facilities offer a complete service for manual and automatic transmission problems. From a simple diagnostic test, to removal, rebuilding and refitting of transmission systems, our technicians have the knowledge, experience and ability to get you back on the road in the shortest time as possible

Fault finding

Troubleshooting electrical problems can be a frustrating task, every circuit needs a power source, most electrical devices require a minimum voltage to function. Our ATA trained technicians are skilled in the art of fault finding including diagnosing a complex electrical fault using a logical method which includes vehicle computer controlled systems such as Antilock Braking System (ABS).

Braking systems

The vehicle braking system is a complex grouping of parts which serve a critical role in keeping you safe. No other system in the car is as important for road safety and keeping your braking system in tip-top shape is one of our top priorities. Our skilled technicians are train in drum and disc brake systems, hydraulics and Antilock Braking System's (ABS). 

Exhaust systems

The importance of maintaining a healthy exhaust system is not only about dealing with vehicle performance. The impact of a faulty system will have an impact on the environment that people do not automatically consider. Our technicians are trained to understand the importance of this for you on the road and for us in the bodyshop. All vehicles produce 6 gases as emissions from the engine of which 3 are less harmful (nitrogen, oxygen and water vapour) and 3 are toxic (carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and nitrogen monoxide).

For your safety and our own we will check your exhaust system, catalytic converter and the associated monitoring sensors that maintain the correct balance of emissions and importantly move the emissions away from the occupants.